Every time this song plays...

Every time this song plays...
“Don’t let go
Never give up, it’s such a wonderful life
Don’t let go”
Wonderful Life by Hurts

How ironic that this exact part of the song was playing when the plane started shaking?Another travel story to tell or is that going to be the end of my travels?

I thought it might be a minor turbulence before landing but then I felt the plane going back up. The plane went round before we started descending again but the turbulence was even worse the second time, the pilot then announced that we’re experiencing some bad air bumps and if the third landing trial is unsuccessful we’re going to have to skip landing in Amsterdam and head to another nearby airport.
The song was still playing with the lyrics speaking to someone like me who pays attention to signs, perhaps this how my Portugal trip is going to end? And what about my connecting flight from Amsterdam to Cairo?! Not like I was in a hurry to get back home.

Not here, Nicki Minaj!

The man next to me started saying that he’s never experienced anything like this and he flies quite often to Portugal and Brazil for his business while the lady next to him was obviously panicking with her head down and holding tight to that seat – with her super long manicured nails resembling Nicki Minaj but in afro. After the flight attendant refused to let her go to the bathroom, I added a third prayer,”Please don’t let that woman throw up next to us!”

3 is my lucky number now

Going in for the third landing attempt, the sound of the engines got louder, I could see the lights on the wing going up and down in the dark, intense prayers in my head and I stuck to the seat while occasionally glancing to see how ‘Nicki Minaj’ was holding up.
Thankfully, we landed safely.


This song -which is a favorite of mine- is still on my playlist even though everytime I hear it, I remember those intense moments.
Got any song that reminds you of a happy /confusing /scary /awkward travel moment?

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