Coffee or spirits for breakfast?

Coffee or spirits for breakfast?

“I felt something grab my arm while jogging in the forest but I just said out loud that I’m just here for my morning run so leave me be.”

“…He found a naked guy in one of the pictures he took at the forest and of course he would’ve noticed something like that at the time!”

“…The path wasn’t there anymore. I ran along this path every morning for ten years but I couldn’t find it, it was just covered in bushes and vines as if it has never been there. I backed away and returned from where I came. That’s what you should do, never try to find another path, just go back.”

“If you’re in a forest, use numbers to call each other not your names, never curse, show respect to the spirits or whatever is living there and never EVER take anything from a forest, appreciate its beauty but never take what’s not yours.”

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Listening to those stories I thought to myself, “Do volcanoes count too?”

But wait a second… 
Since when did travelers agree it’s okay to discuss paranormal stuff over breakfast. What happened to the usual conversation of how long each person’s been traveling for and what’s their next stop?

I’m not sure if my face looked THAT bored or what. I was just googling ice cream places in Jogja after having breakfast and drinking this strange mixture of ginger, honey, milk and eggs for my bad cold… Suddenly we skipped discussing casual travel stuff and two travelers from Malaysia; who are super nice btw, talking about spirits, their personal encounters and other stories they’ve heard. 
 I don’t think I like the idea of camping in a forest anymore.

An insect just scared the crap out of me while writing the post…
Why did I write this and remind myself about every detail of that morning conversation?!



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