A meal on a leaf

A meal on a leaf


Head to the VIP floor

This Indian banana leaf meal is a mixture of overwhelming flavours!

When I arrived at the restaurant (or restoran as they say in Malaysia), I was handed a plastic wrapped one-paged menu but I didn’t see any banana leaf. Did I come to the wrong restaurant or what?
So, I asked about it and was told to head to the top floor.

This meal is so special that it is served on a floor of its own!!

On the second floor, there’s a long table with stacks of banana leaves and two guys wiping them clean. Only a few tables were occupied, I chose one by the window and ordered the meal with a drink (strongly advised).

Gimme gimme that curry!

First your plate is this banana leaf of course, then rice is served with 2 different curries from tin pots that the waiter was holding. Along with 3 sides of corn mashed with something, potatoes and green peppers mashed with other things and finally a sweet and sour mango chutney!
Also some deep fried goodies, crackers called papadum and bitter gourd (a type of vegetable). SE Asia kept throwing new veggies and fruits at me that I can’t quite describe its taste or relate it to things I already know.
Finally, a mango lassi to wash down those flavours and make room for more while cooling me down from both the heat and the curry!

Skipping the How-tos

The banana leaf meal is typically eaten using your hands; judging from the people around me. It was too much curry for me to handle without making a mess like a 3 year-old so I just asked for a spoon.

Location: Devi’s Corner – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Part of my project #TooGoodToInstafood
*An illustration series of the meals that I had while traveling that were just too good to instagram first.