When I became a vampire in Thailand

When I became a vampire in Thailand


With less than 10 days left for leaving Thailand and heading to my next stop, I think I should focus less on having proper meals, definitely less chicken and completely avoid eating chicken blood tofu. Oh, yes apparently that’s a thing here.

My first encounter was in Phuket, I casually went to a Thai place and ordered a seafood soup. Along with the shrimp and the delicious fish balls there was this soft jelly-like rectangular brownish block, it didn’t have a bad taste, nor was it salty… It didn’t have a significant taste but I just ate it since I figured it would be something from the ocean and that’s it.

Little did I know…

My second encounter is when I got to know the oh-very-sad news in Chaing Rai. I’m couchsurfing with Halfcha, a very VERY sweet and cool Thai girl who’s a second year student at a university here majoring in English.

Anyways, she took me to see around her university and at lunchtime we went to the cafeteria. I got rice, some green curry with chicken and a boiled egg with chili.

I saw that brown thing again in my bowl of curry, had a bite and asked her what it was exactly since I ate it before but couldn’t know what it is. Halfcha casually told me that it’s chicken blood. I freezed for a moment then asked her but is it like REAL chicken blood or it’s just called that? She told me no it’s chicken blood.

I looked again at the second bite I was about to have, put it back on the plate, pushed it to the side and told the rice stay away from it! I stayed silent for a moment, opened Safari on my phone, typed chicken blood and Google efficiently showed me the words in bold Chicken Blood Tofu.

Blood is no good. No thank you, if I’m going to be the vampire then give me the full benefits of being one with the speed, the sharp sense of vision, the level 100 of attractiveness, but just the blood part? I’ll pass.

Starting from today; the 18th of August 2016, I’m deciding it’s for the best to just start eating more of their delicious fruits, fresh fruit smoothies, stock up on iced Thai milk tea and iced Taro, more ice cream from Swensens and DQ, grilled bananas and corn, anything with coconut cream,What else? maybe like more of the salty snacks, traditional stuffed omelettes and if I’m missing the noodles then I’ll go with their delicious pink seafood soup/Yen Ta Fo that only has fish! That’s it.



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