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I go wherever pineapples live

Take me to planet Froyo!

This ice cream topped with colored sugar in Nairobi was love at first site

Every time Wonderful Life by Hurts comes on, I remember some intense moments on a flight when the plane couldn't land. Got any song that reminds you of a happy /confusing /scary /awkward travel moment?

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ant invasion thailand se asia

Travel tip: Don’t try to outsmart the ants in Southeast Asia. They’ll take everything, even your tasty bean bun that you were planning on having for breakfast :’(

There is no proper way to say this... here's the story of how I became a vampire in Thailand.

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food gif comics in thailand
malaysia food fruit salad

My first Rojak (fruit salad) on my last day in Kuala Lumpur. #TooGoodTooInstafood

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Another #TooGoodToInstafood * from Malaysia.
This Indian banana leaf meal is a mixture of overwhelming flavours! When I arrived at the restaurant (or restoran as they say in Malaysia...

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