Why so much hate, Google Maps?

Why so much hate, Google Maps?

My complicated relationship with Google Maps doesn’t seem to be going anywhere near the cute Townsville city where Powerpuff girls. When I got back from my first Workaway project in Pak Chong, I decided to rest for a full day in Bangkok before heading to my second workaway in Phuket.


Getting to the hostel wasn’t easy, my relationship with Google Maps (let’s call it GM) made it even harder.

It was supposed to be real simple since I picked a hostel just 15 minutes away from a BTS station. I started navigating my way along with the lovely GM. It said to cross to the other side, I stood in front of the pedestrian bridge; feeling the weight of my hiking backpack and my other pinkish backpack (which is so not me) dragging me forwards, convincing myself that GM wants the best for me with the least walking distance and it must be right.

Went up the stairs under that mean Thai sun and successfully made it to the other side. Walked for 5 minutes only to find the arrow wobbling and leaning towards the other side… Where I just came from.

You know that silent scene where butterflies are seen in a green meadow and the sun is glaring, now the sun was glaring for sure and I had imaginary black butterflies surrounding me with angry violin music playing inside of me. Crossed that bridge… again.

Skipping some details, finally I was in front of a sign with the name of the hostel, texted my mom that I’m all safe and sound. Now that part was wrong since yes that was the name of the hostel but I found the sign saying restaurant. I went inside asked the Thai people, a lady with a mixture of thai and what must have been English gestured to the right so I asked her go right on that street? She said yees yees, all smiling and stuff.

seven minutes later

Guess where that got me? Nowhere and I was like F it.

Got the brilliant idea (at least that’s what I thought) of calling the hostel, another gibberish english phrases so I slowly told her: “I will send a number. Now. Whatsapp me. the location. On Whatsapp. On the number. Send location. Whatsapp. Thank you.”

Saw an ice cream place in front of me so the hostel mission was on pause.

*plays elevator music*

Went inside to find one cool offer that was ONLY for my Thai phone operator. Lucky me!
3 scoops for a reduced price! GIVE MEEH!
It’s a shop that’s famous for all it’s milk products, I’m guessing from all the cow designs and the chairs shaped like steel milk containers.
Got green apple, orange sorbet and coffee *sigh* ice cream goodness.

After feeling peaceful for a bit, I went back to the restaurant with the smiling lady, thennn she decided to go outside with me and pointed to a really small door that led upstairs.
And that ladies and gentlemen where the hostel was, the door just next to the restaurant on the right.

Oh and that whatsapp message I received during my ice cream time just had a location link that didn’t work.



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